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Welcome to the VGA Planets 4 Wiki

This wiki is meant as something of a Planets encyclopedia and a tool for the community to develop... well whatever it wants to.
The goal is to provide a place where people can find all kinds of interesting stuff concerning Planets4. Since as a project this is too big for any single person to handle (splendid old sites like Clausimu’s may serve as proof), everyone is invited to contribute to the wiki.

Read this first - If you are new to this site and to wikis in general


  • You can view all pages without having the need of an account and being logged in.
  • You can edit pages only if you have an account and are logged in.
  • Unfortunately due to spam, you cannot create an account by yourself. Just send an email with your preferred username to and I'll create an account for you.
  • An anonymous account for editing is available under the username: Anonymous
    The password for that account is the username spelled backwards.
  • Most of the important stuff is written in the article section. There’s also a discussion section, parallel to every page. Just click on the discussion register card on top. If it’s red, then there never has been a discussion about that special page or topic yet. Mind you, for most pages the entry is indeed red, but there are some exceptions, notable the bug page and the main page.
  • If you want to write something yourself, you now have the choice between the article and the discussion page. As general advice, when you are sure of your facts, use the article page. If you are in doubt, have questions, or actually want to ‘discuss’ something, then the discussion page is your thing. Just beware that many people don’t check the discussion page and may not find your entry. But don’t despair, there are some pro’s around who regularly check on any new entry out of sheer inquisitiveness.
  • For tips about how to actually write an entry (using headers, bold, sign your stuff, etc.) just take a look in the help section. It’s not that hard.
    I am using it right now to write this page, being new to the wiki myself :).
  • That said, there are without doubt several tips and tricks for the wiki newbie that I, being a newbie myself, am not aware of yet. If you know or learn something important about using the wiki, just put it on the discussion page of the Main Page, and it may be put here, too. (Sorry, you can't write directly on the Main Page as it is protected to prevent vandalism.)
  • You can use the Search-Box on the left side to search the wiki or you can start with one of the following
Categories The planets universe. Portioned and canned.
Race Guides How to get the max out of your people. Lots of useful stuff regarding the races.
Other Resources Where to find other online Planets stuff. Links to hosting sites, tools, guides, etc...
Bugs Ships vanishing, dumb captains? Whatever...
Feature Requests If you have ideas to make the game easier, better looking, etc...
Artificial Intelligence Outlines A collaborative effort to put together outlines on how the AI for VGA Planets 4 should work for each race.
Programming If you are interested in creating your own tools to use for VGA Planets 4 then this should be a good place to get started.
Documentation A construction site for the docs. (Under construction itself ;)
Recent Changes You want to see the latest changes in the wiki? That's the place to look.
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