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[edit] General

  • Drewhead's V4 Hosting site
    This is the largest Planets4 hosting site and also the best address to look for the software that people interested in the game will need.
    Look under 'Game Info' at the 'Help and Information' section to download the software. Visit the 'Forums' to learn about current news.
  • The P4 League
    Home of the international VGA Planets 4 league (founded in 2005).
  • Official VGA Planets Version 4 site
    This is the game creator's official website, which is not actively managed anymore. Visit Drewhead's site or read the 'Changes' section in the PlanetsWiki for software updates and news.
  • Klingon Kommand VGAP4 Resources
    This site offers a wealth of knowledge about the game. Unfortunately it's no longer updated, some information is no longer valid. However, it's still a great resource on strategies.
  • Shard's Corner
    A Planets 3 and 4 Strategy and knowledge page, inspired by Klingon Kommand VGAP4 Resources.
  • VGAP4 International
    Multi-language site, great Newbie Guide, Open Source VGAP4 Graphics site and more.

[edit] Hosting Sites

[edit] Ranking Systems

  • P4League The goal of the P4League is to create a competitive soccer-league-like environment for Planets 4 games. Every season several games will be hosted at different tiers.
  • Ranked Game Series A ranked is a game just like any other. Anyone is welcome. The only difference is that when you are done you will receive a rank.

[edit] Player Tools/Utilities

  • V4Hist
    The VGA Planets 4 Game Data History Viewer is a flexible viewer application for game data exported by the VGA Planets 4 client.
  • Raceview2
    A replacement for the normal Raceview included in the Planets 4 package that features better handling, support for race picture replacements and links to the wiki.
  • Tools on GRGZone
    Online calculation like range of Gun Zeros and much more.
  • MinePlacer.xls
    Utility to know where to place your minefields from Sir Prized of Ten. Latest is version 2 updated 11 January 2007.
  • Insectoid Nest ranges
    A nice Excel-Sheet showing Insectoid Nest ranges (by Sir Prized of Ten)
  • VGA Planets 4 Management Console
    This tool is in development, but Magik is stealing a page here since he doesn't have a Web server.
  • VGA Planets 4 Ship Group Editor
    This tool can be used to modify your ship groups outside of the VGA Planets 4 client.
  • ShipCalc VGAP4 Player Utility
    Perform various calculations, such as fleet costs, tax income. Development stopped in 2001 and the tool has become somewhat outdated due to a multitude of later host revisions.

[edit] Combat simulators

  • Combat Script Editor written by GFM GToeroe.
    Write your own simulation script of ships, wings and bases fighting each other. Simulation is done by setting up a game universe with Planets4 Master.exe and running the turn with Host.exe.
  • Diplomat VGAP4 Combat Simulator 3.12 April 2008
    Famed, user-friendly battle simulator. Development stopped in 2008 and Diplomat has become outdated. Lacking implementation of important changes to the battle engine, it is not a reliable guide on current real game outcomes anymore.
  • Ground Assault Simulator 2011
    Excel-based simulator written by GFM GToeroe. Learn how to use it here.
  • Boarding Simulator 1.6
    The best tool to simulate ship boarding, includes a re-written Boarding Laser Damage Calculator by GFM GToeroe, which includes host rounding effects and advanced statistics. Also the HG super duel is now properly simulated.

[edit] Host Tools/Utilities

  • HConfig2
    A replacement for the normal HConfig included in the Planets 4 package.
  • PHCc
    PlanetMasters Host Control Center (Host games yourself).
  • VGA_Tech.exe Allow to change the starting Tech Level of all player (without scripting).
  • CHKV4.EXE Tests TRN files for errors

[edit] Maps

  • Custom Maps
    Looking to make your own custom made maps, here is a good place to start.
  • VGAP4 Mapper
    A tool to look at, edit, and print maps.

[edit] Scripting

[edit] Reference Tables

  • [1] Ship Device Matrix by Michael Richardson.
  • [2] Which tax setting to choose, a table by Michael Richardson
  • [3] Special structures organised by race, a table by Michael Richardson
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