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[edit] Overview

Latest news concerning planets4. Usually from someone part of the coding team.

[edit] 27 march 2013

Warp speed / combat speed / hyperdrives issues are fixed in the templates.


Enjoy, Blackat

[edit] 17 December 2012

While the end of the world draws near, * The Cyborg Collective - Stats and Special Rules page got fixed.
It took some smart url hacking to get into an appropriate page to be able to make the changes.
It seems the length of the page somehow bugged the entry totally. Some editing, deleting non-essentials and moving some parts to referral pages fixed the issues.

Enjoy, Blackat

[edit] 20 May 2011

Comets are coming to a galaxy near you!

Every once in a while, I need to do something fun in the code and here it comes...COMETS! There will be a variety of types of them: Stressor, Dust Cloud, Neutrient Rich, Mineral Rich, and Planet Killer to start with. These modify HD stress, prevent farming, add soil, add minerals, and destroy planets respectively. Any other ideas are welcome. They will start at the map edge and have a course set to pass through the space of a random planet on the map. If they get close enough to any planet along the way, they will hit it and cause the appropriate effect.

As far as interacting with them, I've considered allowing the Spindizzy to relocate them, which won't modify their heading, but may allow them to pick a target for impact if done well. Also, ships, wings, glory devices, laser mining drills, stellar matter launchers, gun zeros, etc can do damage to them and possibly destroy them before hitting a planet.

There is a bit of changes that need to be made in the client, so any games that you change the HConfig to utilize comets will force players to update their client or else it'll crash upon opening. I have a lot of working code in my test environment, but it required more tweaking and testing. I'm throwing this out to the community to see if they can consider anything that I haven't and get other fun ideas.

The HConfig options will allow you to configure how many attempts to make per turn to see if a comet appears, the percentage chance per attempt that one will appear, and the possible types of comets allowed in the game. I'm considering also adding an option for the limit of comets in the game.

Don't start talking about Nebulas, Ion Storms and the like yet...that'll come next.

Have fun, Magik

(entry copied from message in Drewhead's S&Q forum, Phaidros)

[edit] 23 March 2009

[edit] Operating system bugs and conflicts, Administrator rights

I have a few new answers for a few select problems that have been encountered.

First off id like to mention that both windows xp pro using service pack 3 and windows vista operating systems use the same security measures and thus are identical in they are problem resolutions being that of security issues. I also suspect this may be the case for XP home edition service pack 3 but not entirely sure.

There must be an understanding that program that changes overwrites or modifies files or folders such as updates or even running the programs needs to have security measures resolved to such a point that normal program operation is allowed to bypass the increased security.

Here a few examples of security preventing normal operations of the programs running, updating and even new installations.

Administrator rights. you first must have administrator rights if you don't it will cause problems. the initial installation of any new program must be set to "run as administrator" for it to run properly. this is done by right clicking the folder you wish you install, and selecting" run as administrator.

Not running as administrator when installing seems to cause lots of problems.

If your set to administrator and problems still occur. there are two resolutions that are against security related. First off you need to be sure that when u log on to your computer you do so with a password protected login. No password will prevent administrator rights from occurring. Secondly if after this you still have the problem check your user account information theres a box there is sometimes marked, its called " prevent alien programs from modifying files" if this is checked then planet will not only install improperly but it will cause other bad things to happen such as file sizes too small and additionally it will prevent race pack updates from actually changes the files to the new updated files.

make sure this box is unselected and that your user account is password protected. also ensure that anytime you install planets files or programs,(this includes Diplomat and VidiVici and alternate VCR as well) you install then with the run as administrator option.

I hope this helps all those of you who are new to planets and or new to a foreign operating system.


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