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[edit] What is new in Host.exe Version

[edit] January 25, 2009

Note: This is a bugfix release that is (probably) not available as download from the official VGA Planets homepage.

[edit] Fixes

Fixed: If an error is encountered during movement, then the host will error out properly.
Fixed: High guard in wings were able to go to a negative value when hitting a minefield.
Fixed: Possible host crash in tow movement.
Fixed: VCR crash with high fighter count.
Fixed: VCR capturing ships will support new Ignore disabled switches.

[edit] New Features

New: Added support for active training centers adjustment in Client 66.
New: Final battle support. HConfig value: “FinalBattle”; Default = 0, Min = 0, Max = 1. Will find a non-asteroid planet (or random point in space if no match) then move all bases, pods, wings, and ships to that location for a final brawl.
New: “MinefieldFogOfWar” HConfig value; Default = 0, Min = 0, Max = 1. Will set all enemy minefields to an owner of 255 unless you have Allow Commands data from that player.

[edit] Changes

Changed: Cleaned up/speed up the “At War” checks.
Changed: Converted often used functions into macros, which work faster.
Changed: Fleet sharing and transfers moved to occur before slow hyp so that it falls in line with the rest of movement properly.
Changed: Allies can tow your ships without a tow contest occurring.
Changed: Concussion Rockets have an anti-wing range of 400 (was 25). Note that these PD are only good against Sandcasters and wings.
Changed: Micro Missile Launchers have an anti-wing range of 2000 (was 230).
Changed: Using a new version of bitfield checking to see if it works faster.

[edit] Download

  • [1] Latest Host from Drewhead
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