Heritage Class Carrier

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Heritage Class Carrier
Tech Level 7
Cost 420 MC
Duranium 120
Tritanium 120
Molybdenum 100
Crew Size 740
Guests 2,000
Max. Cargo 800
Max. Fuel 300
Max. Ord 4,000
Max. Repair 5,000
Cargo (Extended)
Pod Bays 6
Fighter Bays 10 * 90
Tractor Beam 1,000
Ship Parts
Large Weapons 4 (30kt)
Small Weapons 16
Super Weapon -
Point Defense 6
Generators 4
Armor Limit 800
Shield Limit 1,500
Dry Dock
Size -
Space Combat
Attack Bonus 0
Evasive Bonus 0
Power Bank 300
Combat Speed 90
Class -
Range -
Warp Movement
Warp Speed 90LY
Engines 4
Warp Drag Factor 100
Damage Modifiers
Hull Mass 340
Parts 90
Control System 100
Engines 100
Hyper Drive 100
Life Support 90
Soft Spot 5
Scan Range 400
Warp Signature 100
Cloak (Fuel) -

[edit] Overview

The largest carrier of the Scavenger Fleet. Only 30kT weapons slots somewhat limits the firepower of this ship, so keep it in a swarm of other warships. Six Pod Bays for significiant wreckage collection.

[edit] Special

  • It is subject to the special rules applying to ships of the Scavenger Tribes.

[edit] Ship Devices

[edit] Useful Configurations

Full bays of Fighters: 900 will fit in. You should apply a GS-LX 1500 shield, if possible.

[edit] Anti-Fighter Support

With 4 Sand Casters, this should sweep away enemy fighter wings soon. Anti-Fighter Computer Exotic Tech should make the Turbo Lasers effective, too.

Large Weapons Small Weapons Point Defense Engines Hyper Drive Generators Shield Armor
4 SC 16 Positron 6 Turbo Laser 4 FTL-1 Warp Drive - GS-LX 1500 max

[edit] See also

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