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How to create a new Page

  • Put
    in the adress bar of your browser, press return and you will get to a new page with no text yet.
    Alternatively put in
    press return and you can directly edit this page.
    You'll do no harm to existing pages that way. If a page "Page Name Whatsoever" already exists, you'll be taken to that page.

How to edit a Page

  • A page can be edited by clicking on the "edit" tab on top of a page.(You might have seen red links in the wiki. These link to pages that have no text yet).
  • Clicking "edit" on the right near a header lets you edit a single paragraph.

General tips on Editing

  • If you're only changing minor things within a page, please activate the "This is a minor edit" checkbox on the edit-page (just above the "Save Page" button) or press Alt+I.
  • Have a look at the resulting page before submitting using the "Show preview" button or pressing (Alt+P).
  • If you only make changes to a single paragraph, use the "edit" link right of the header instead of editing the whole page.
  • If you start a new article, it's good to take an existing article as template to have a similar basic structure. That makes it easier to read through the stuff.
  • Take care of the correct spelling of an article name to avoid duplicate articles on a topic.
  • Make use of Categories. Most articles can be put in one or more categories to give the whole wiki some structure and thus help other people to find the info they seek.
  • Make use of links to other articles, too.

Formatting Text

  • Bold text:
 '''Bold text'''
  • Italic text:
 ''Italic text''
  • Preformatted text:
 <pre>Preformatted Text</pre>
  • if you want to exclude Wiki-Syntax:
 Just wrap your text with <nowiki> Tags
  • Standard HTML-Syntax can be combined with Wiki-Syntax:
  <font color="red">'''aaa'''</font> 


  • Unordered List
  * Listitem 1
  * Listitem 2
  • Ordered List
  # Listitem 1
  # Listitem 2


  • Level 2 Header (with line)
  • Level 3 Header
  • Level 4 Header (Think you got it...)


  • Internal Link:
[[Pagename]] or [[Pagename|TextToBeDisplayed]]
  • External Link:
[Link] or [Link TextToBeDisplayed]


  • Pages can be assigned to categories (e.g. 'Ship')
  • Link to a Category:


  • Pages from the Template-Namespace can be included in other pages
  • Pages from no special Namespace (normal pages) can also be included in other pages


  • If you want to sign a message on a Talk-Page you can do it by using

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