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This is a place for features people would like to see in planets, but aren't implemented (yet).
Remember that it is still up to Tim Wisseman, the creator of VGA Planets, to decide which features are implemented.

[edit] Feature Request Preference Order

If we have everything at the top nothing will get implement, if we order them logically into items that will improve the game the better ones may make it.
Also "Add" you vote to have the feature implemented. Note there is a change history so dont abuse the voting.
This list as well as the whole feature request section should be reworked. Still looking for volunteers...

[edit] Key

++ Top Will be implemented (reserved for Tim / Magic (and his team) only)
+ High Good idea, improves general play and reduces micromanagement
+- Medium Maybe a good idea, but limited usability
- Low Idea could be done but should not necessarily
-- Forget it Not wished or too complex to implement or code -> unlikely to even get onto Tim's short list


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