Duranium Mining Drill

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[edit] Overview

Extracts Duranium ore from the planet below and places them into the ship's cargo hold as metals at a ration of 2:1.

  • Range 2ly.
  • Most ships drill up to 1,000kt of Duranium ore (500kt of metal) per turn.
  • The amount of Duranium ore drilled is limited by available cargo space; if only 600 kt of cargo space is available, then only 600 kt of ore will be drilled.
  • Increases hyperdimensional stress by 3 to 20 points if more than 100 kt of unmined ore is affected
  • Does NOT mine fuel or other minerals
  • Does NOT work if there is no Duranium ore left in the planet's core
  • Has NO effect on ore or metal that is sitting on the planet's surface.

[edit] Timing

  • After movement

[edit] As a Weapon

Because the Duranium Mining Drill has the ability to increase hyperdimensional stress, it can be used as a weapon against an enemy planet, causing the planet to explode. Note, however, that this will not work if there are no minerals left in the planet's core. Consequently this trick can be difficult to use against a homeworld.

If the planet has been completely mined, but has a positive hyperdimensional stress and a positive Delta Stress, then some new minerals will be generated every turn, and the Laser Mining Drill has a chance to work. Why only a chance? Because objects are processed by Host in a random order during post-movement events. If your ship with the Laser Mining Drill is processed after the planet generates new minerals, but before the base on the planet has a chance to mine the minerals, then you may be able to increase the stress that turn. Using multiple ships may improve your chances.

[edit] Ships with this Device

The Colonies of Kobol Hera Class Munitions Depot
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