Defiance Weapons Platform

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Defiance Weapons Platform
Tech Level 3
Cost 20 MC
Duranium 5
Tritanium 23
Molybdenum 2
Crew Size 30
Guests 20
Max. Cargo 10
Max. Fuel 10
Max. Ord 500
Max. Repair 100
Cargo (Extended)
Pod Bays -
Fighter Bays -
Tractor Beam -
Ship Parts
Large Weapons 4 (40kt)
Small Weapons 18
Super Weapon -
Point Defense 6
Generators 2
Armor Limit 150
Shield Limit 1,000
Dry Dock
Size -
Space Combat
Attack Bonus 30
Evasive Bonus 0
Power Bank 400
Combat Speed 5
Class -
Range -
Warp Movement
Warp Speed 5LY
Engines -
Warp Drag Factor 100
Damage Modifiers
Hull Mass 30
Parts 200
Control System 100
Engines -
Hyper Drive -
Life Support 50
Soft Spot 30
Scan Range 200
Warp Signature 100
Cloak (Fuel) -

[edit] Overview

These provide very cheap firepower, plus a decent shield and lots of point defences. Put lots of cheap weapons on them and use them in large numbers.

They can be towed around easily as well, and dropped off in deep space to act as scanning platforms, and refuelling stations for wings.

[edit] Ship Devices

[edit] Useful Configurations

[edit] See also

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