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Crystal Light Ship
Tech Level 10
Cost 2,000 MC
Duranium 113
Tritanium 10
Molybdenum 401
Crew Size 300
Guests 200
Max. Cargo 300
Max. Fuel 2,800
Max. Ord 1,000
Max. Repair 5,000
Cargo (Extended)
Pod Bays 2
Fighter Bays 2 * 100
Tractor Beam 6,000
Ship Parts
Large Weapons 6 (150 ktkt)
Small Weapons 16
Super Weapon SL
Point Defense 8
Generators 5
Armor Limit 10
Shield Limit 3,000
Dry Dock
Size -
Space Combat
Attack Bonus 10
Evasive Bonus 30
Power Bank 300
Combat Speed 120
Class 3
Range 400
Warp Movement
Warp Speed 120LY
Engines 8
Warp Drag Factor 125
Damage Modifiers
Hull Mass 524
Parts 70
Control System 110
Engines 130
Hyper Drive 100
Life Support 123
Soft Spot 1
Scan Range 870
Warp Signature 180
Cloak (Fuel) -

[edit] Overview

[edit] Special

This ship is one of the most important in the Crystal fleet.

The most important device is the Scalar Wave Damper, as it can be used to flip the delta stress of planets and effectively give the Crystals unlimited resources from their Hyperlathes.

It is the only Crystal ship that can wield a Super Weapon, and is therefore important for Super Lasering enemy homeworlds - it's one of the cheapest Super Weapon equipped ships in the game. It's not that good for general combat though, Diamond Flame Class Battleships should be preferred for that.

Finally, it's the only Crystal ship that can hyperjump.

  • It is subject to the special rules applying to ships of the Crystal Assembly.

[edit] Ship Devices

[edit] Super Weapon

[edit] Useful Configurations

Large Weapons Small Weapons Point Defense Engines Hyper Drive Generators Shield Armor

[edit] See also

  • [1] Official ship stats
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