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[edit] General info

Click on the specific race you want to know more about. Race Pages contains information about their Special Rules, their Ship Lists and more..

[edit] Released Races

The following races can be played (Host 222).

Picture Name Flavor Features
The Aczanny Pyramids Perhaps the bird men race from Buck Rogers. Hard to hit, pod booby traps, Hyperscan, Superweapon resistant ships
The Birdman Republic The Romulans from Star Trek Cloakers Spymasters
The Centaurs Peaceful half-horse, half-humanoids. Good at running away. Free fighters, income from allies, Steeple Jump hyper
The Colonies of Man Battlestar Galactica (1978) Crew Less planet dependent, can live in Space
The Crystal Assembly The Tholians from Star Trek Defensive minefields laying race, colonists like it hot. Dependent on planet stress.
The Cyborg Collective The Borg from Star Trek Assimilation. Resistance is futile!
The Evil Empire The Galactic Empire from Star Wars Hyperjumpers, strong Ground Forces
The Holy Draconian Empire Enemy of The Reunited Coalition of Systems  
The Interstellar Master Traders Enlightenment is: A fat bottom line Can move planets!
The Lizard Kingdom Gorn from Star Trek Tough Colonists, Troops and ships. Psi-Opps Hisser
The People's Army The Natives have thrown off their shackles (nearly) Every ship device
The Privateer Bands Pirate Scum, Orions (or Ferengi)from Star Trek Sneaky, can steal stuff
The Rebels The Rebels from Star Wars Hyperjumpers, long range fighter wings
The Reunited Coalition of Systems Enemy of the Holy Draconian Empire. Loosely based on Star Flight races. Terraformers, Organic Armor, Jump Gate Builder.
The Robotic Imperium The Cylons from Battlestar Galactica (1978) Built by Insectoids, thus not food dependent. Insectoid Nests can steal others colonists, Gun Zero
The Scavenger Tribes The Jawa from Star Wars Garbage collectors, Cheap swarm ships, Hyperjumpers.
The Solar Federation The Federation from Star Trek Strong swarm ships, Scotty Bonus.
The Solorian Unity Transdimensional Energy Beings Different Fuel Rules, Stellar Matter Launcher.
The Stormer Kingdom The Klingons from Star Trek Early Strike Race, Lots of High Guards.
The Thrinakian Swarm Swarming critters somewhat like ants Massive numbers of personnel, slow ships.
The United Enforcement Authority Equilibrium, Starship Trooper and Babylon 5 EarthForce Warships Pax Class Jumpship, No cash problems, strong in combat.
The University Alliance Mad Scientists Strong economy, cloaking ship, Jumpgate Builder, intellectual race.

[edit] Races

By clicking on a race you can access further information regarding the race

Each race has a set of stats that define their growth, training rates, etc.

  • Racial Stats, including tables showing the stats for all the races

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