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[edit] Starships

Tech Hull Name Comment
1 Demetrius Class Scout Support Dradis / Scout
2 Libra Class Cutter Barbitic Mine Dropper / Escort
3 Space Park Support, Mobile Zoo, GalBank
4 Botanical Cruiser Support Agro Dome
5 Colonial Movers Class Transport Support GalBank
5 Gideon Class Troop Transport Support (Mobile Mech Factory(1)(2)(3)), GalDraw
5 Olympic Carrier Light Carrier Mobile Fighter(1) Factory, Mobile Fighter(3) Factory, GalDraw
6 Celestia MK II Moneymaker: (Mobile Casino, Pyramid Lounge), GalBank, GalDraw
6 Scylla Class Tylium Tanker Support DTMS-N Fuel Converter, Fuel Drill
7 Monarch Class Refinery Vessel Support Mobile Supply Factory, DTMS-N Fuel Converter, Fuel Drill, Alchemy, Laser Mining Drill, Ore Processing, GalBank, GalDraw / Dry Dock 1,200
7 Hera Class Munitions Depot Support Mobile Supply Factory, Duranium Mining Drill, Mobile Repair Plant, Mobile Ord Factory, GalBank
8 Scorpion Class Shipyard Support Mobile Supply Factory, Alchemy, Laser Mining Drill, Ore Processing GalBank, GalDraw, Gravity Stabilized/ Dry Dock 10,000
8 Gemini Class Transport MK II Support Mobile Fighter(2) Factory, Mobile Fighter(3) Factory, Black Market, GalBank, GalDraw
8 Adriatic Class Heavy Cruiser Warship
9 Valkyrie Class Battlestar Carrier Battle Jump, Artillery Support, Dradis (1,150 Hull Mass)
9 Prometheus Class Frigate Warship
10 Mercury Class Battlestar Heavy Carrier Battle Jump, Artillery Support, Dradis (1,750 Hull Mass)
11 Virgo Class Battlestar MK II Special-Unique Hull Minesweeper, Battle Jump, Artillery Support Dradis (1,850 Hull Mass)
11 Colonial One Special-Unique Hull Unique Properties, GalBank
11 Armistice Station Special-Unique Hull Unique Properties, Gravity Stabilized

[edit] Breeding

Colonists grow on all ships that are controlled by a CoK player:

  • Growth rates on All ships with guest quarters larger than 200k 4%, less than 200K 5%, Alien hulls 2%
  • growth on bases is 3%
  • The amount of food required is calculated like this:
  1. Take the sum of the colonists and crew,
  2. Multiply by ship growth rate (.04)
  3. Divide by 100,000
  • Their growth on ships allows partial growth if partial food is available. If you have 0 food then you have 0 babies.
  • After this type of growth is backbreeding (if you have at least 1 food), where troops become crew and HG become troops.
  • If you overload the crew then the excess are colonists.
  • ET Tank-O-Tronic Cloning System A,b,c are forbidden.

[edit] Ship Devices

[edit] New Global Command Codes

[edit] New Racial Command Codes

  • NUK - Allows the Vessel to launch Nukes at Particular Targets
  • BP# - (where #=1 thru 5)Build pod and place within empty pod bay, (1=assault,2=Construction,3=Gold,4=Life,5=resupply) after pod construction the command code will change "AAA" to prevent overbuilding

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