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[edit] Assault Craft

Desert Fox
Image:Desert Fox.jpg
Cost 30
Ground Combat
  Attack Defense
Fighters 10 12
Assault Craft 15 11
Troops 10 1
Cities 10 -
Snow Fox
Image:Snow Fox.jpg
Cost 40
Ground Combat
  Attack Defense
Fighters 5 15
Assault Craft 15 15
Troops 15 15
Cities 10 -
Attack Shuttle
Image:Attack Shuttle.jpg
Cost 50
Ground Combat
  Attack Defense
Fighters 2 8
Assault Craft 3 150
Troops 240 150
Cities 330 -

[edit] Special

[edit] hacker device immunity

the CoT Hacker Device cannot be used on the following.

[edit] minefield sweeping

aside from the Virgo Class Battlestar MK II witch has a minefield sweeper, the only other form of mine sweeping within the CoK Fleet is done by wings.

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