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[edit] Overview

  • Assault Craft (also known as Ground Assault Units or Mechs) are vehicles that are used in Ground Combat.
  • Built at the Assault Plant building.
  • Some Assault Craft have special abilities that can have an effect outside a ground combat.
  • Assault Craft cannot travel on their own between different planets, but can be carried in an Assault Pod.
  • NOTE - According to the Host Order page, Ground Combat (3.9) occurs before the building of Fighters ( and Assault Units ( So if you see an enemy base on your planet poised to attack you, it is too late to buy Fighters or Ground Units!

[edit] Stats

  • The effectiveness of Assault Units in ground combat is defined by the following stats:
Cost x
Ground Combat
  Attack Defense
Fighters x x
Assault Craft x x
Troops x x
Cities x -

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