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[edit] Summary

When recording bugs can you please provide the version number when the bug was found i.e. Host 196/Client 059

When testing the bugs in new Host/Client releases, can you please enter the Host or Client Version number that you tested them against i.e. Host 184, 190 (Spot Tests) or Host 186-190 (Every Host release between 186 and 190 the Bug was still identified)

Many thanks for your contribution!!

[edit] Administrator rights

I have a few new answers for a few select problems that have been encountered.

First off id like to mention that both windows xp pro using service pack 3 and windows vista operating systems use the same security measures and thus are identical in they are problem resolutions being that of security issues. I also suspect this may be the case for XP home edition service pack 3 but not entirely sure.

There must be an understanding that program that changes overwrites or modifies files or folders such as updates or even running the programs needs to have security measures resolved to such a point that normal program operation is allowed to bypass the increased security.

Here a few examples of security preventing normal operations of the programs running, updating and even new installations.

Administrator rights. you first must have administrator rights if you don't it will cause problems. the initial installation of any new program must be set to "run as administrator" for it to run properly. this is done by right clicking the folder you wish you install, and selecting" run as administrator.

Not running as administrator when installing seems to cause lots of problems.

If your set to administrator and problems still occur. there are two resolutions that are against security related. First off you need to be sure that when u log on to your computer you do so with a password protected login. No password will prevent administrator rights from occurring. Secondly if after this you still have the problem check your user account information theres a box there is sometimes marked, its called " prevent alien programs from modifying files" if this is checked then planet will not only install improperly but it will cause other bad things to happen such as file sizes too small and additionally it will prevent race pack updates from actually changes the files to the new updated files.

make sure this box is unselected and that your user account is password protected. also ensure that anytime you install planets files or programs,(this includes Diplomat and VidiVici and alternate VCR as well) you install then with the run as administrator option.

I hope this helps all those of you who are new to planets and or new to a foreign operating system.


[edit] Known solutions to keep bugs away

  • Do not use any spaces in the game directory (Like "C:\Planets 4")
    • Best is to use the default directory C:\Planets4. Something like C:\Games\Planets4 is safe, too.
  • Need to have a OS Temp folder like c:\windows\temp, c:\winnt\temp
  • Make sure the directory C:\Temp exists, if not create it. Make sure you have read, write and deletion permission on this folder.
  • Make sure you also have a Temp directory in the main planets dir, like C:\Planets4\temp Make sure you have read, write and deletion permission on this folder.
  • Make sure your main planet directory & all its sub directories (and all files in them) have read, write and deletion permission.
  • If you want to use another drive as temp drive add the lines
 TempDrive = Driveletter (e.g. TempDrive = Z )to your .fig file. (works for host.exe only)
  • Install the latest version of the game package and updates that may not be included from Drewheads.
    1. Install latest game package
    2. Install latest client update
    3. Install latest host update
    4. Install latest race updates
    5. Install latest master updates
  • Try disabling your anti-virus software, many times it causes errors.
  • The "Clear Slot" button does not work at 100%, to be on the safe side, you should manually delete the content of the War or Univ directory.
    • You need to manually delete all of the contents of planets4/war/(game number) and planets4/univ/(game number) or the last set of messages is rolled over. Clearing the slot doesn't work fully.
  • If there is an error when you make a turn (the files are reported to be too small to run properly in host), you can try to copy your War directory to another computer and make the turn there, without redoing any commands.
  • If you see a file named RC802v2.RCE in your races folder DELETE it (From Tim's site)

[edit] Alternate VCR

Trouble running the default VCR ? Not working ? No sound ? Try this one from the official Planets4 page, which does not use DirectX (but wavmix32.dll).

[edit] Install notes

Once downloaded, place vcr15mix.exe in your main planets4 folder (Default location is C:\Planets4), double click on vcr15mix.exe
(If when you click on the file, the extraction does not work, you can always right click an extract it, if you have winzip installed this is mainly a trouble on vista 64)
It will extract 4 files:


Place those 4 files in your planets directory, (when it ask to overwrite say yes) it will overwrite the original VCR.exe.

  • Make sure your main planet directory & all its sub directories (and all files in them) have read, write and deletion permission.

[edit] The file you have attempted to load is too small

All valid TRN files are > 600 bytes, yours was 289. There is a known bug (with an unknown cause) due to a failure of a compression DLL on the player side.

[edit] Solution 1

Re-Install planet correctly, but you need to follow every single step from Operating_system_compatibility, I really mean every step, and it will fix your trouble.

[edit] Quick Temp Solution 1

Usually going back into the client and remaking the TRN file (not replaying), just clicking on the 'Make TRN File' button will build a good file which can then be uploaded.

[edit] Quick Temp Solution 2

Copy your war slot to another, planets4 installation and make turn there (on your computer or on a friends computer, make sure that the new install is also registered if you play registered normally).

[edit] Solution 2

operating system XP Pro service pak 2 and 3 problems with admin rights not allowing the files to process correctly resulting in small turn files

Tim released this Variant Version of planets that allows the proper sizing of the files. --protomatter 22:21, 12 April 2009 (CEST)

  • Planets Variant p4b.exe [1]
    • what is the version of this file ? Should this become the standard ? Because if this one fix the too small trn, problem but it's never updated it not good. Lord Lancelot 07:17, 13 April 2009 (CEST)
      • this is only a temp measure until you can find out whats hampering your systems compression and admin rights. it should not be a permanent solution. in the originating case, the actual cause of the problem was a trojan virus hiding in the systems virus checker(kasperky).--protomatter 15:17, 13 April 2009 (CEST)

[edit] Bad TRN

A TRN file that is larger than the minimum will generate a TRN Small error in the host log, and the host process will exit prematurely. The premature exit of host is a designed stoppage of host processing so as not to complete the host cycle when a player's TRN could not be read. Host log will have entries like this:

TRN Small
Bad TRN file (error1) : ...

While the error text here is the same as the small trn bug, this is a different kind of error as the TRN file itself will be larger than the min for the small TRN bug.

CHKV4.EXE will catch this issue prior to host run. CHKV4.EXE does not require the host files to run, so players can verify this error before it leaves their system (to eliminate a possible transmission error). CHKV4.EXE will report the problem like this:

ERROR: Check Sum Value
ERROR: Check Sum Value

[edit] Further insight to this error from Magik

The client seems to have issues with WinXP-SP3 or Vista in some situations where either the temporary folder picked to do the work won't allow the files to be deleted or has some possible incompatibility withthe compression DLL. The result is that the client doesn't handle the error efficiently and marks the TRN file as compressed when it is not, thus making the TRN file unreadable when the host attempts to decompress it when it is not compressed.

[edit] Solutions

The same solutions for the Small TRN should work here as well.

[edit] Trouble with do not fire at disabled attack switch

So the host still thinks that your ships are set to 'Do Not Fire on Disabled' and there's no way to turn this (old switch) off in the new client. This would only effect ships that you had already built and already had that flag set. Newly built ships (since you started using the new client) wouldn't be affected. It's just a guess though.

But a pretty good one. It was implemented compatible in the host so that old bits 8 (old) and new bits 15 (ships), 16 (bases) can be used. But I'm sure the new client only sets 15 & 16 but doesn't effect bit 8.


[edit] Lost access to sound files from client

Got myself into this mess, I was getting a little confused as to the levels I was running and did a rebuild. Everything looks fine now except . . . the client can't seem to find most of it's basic sound files (click, track7, flop, beep, etc . .). Any ideas how I can fix it (other than going back to scratch and re-registering?).

[edit] Solution

find and copy v4sfx into main planets directory then drag and drop it onto the program regsvr32 which should also be copied into the main planets directory.

Thank you, worked well (details listed)

  • V4SFX.DLL in planets sub directory VPSYS, copied to planet main directory.
  • V4SFX.DLL "drag and dropped" (run on) onto WINDOWSSYSTEM32REGSVR32.EXE

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